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I'm sorry and goodbye

by hehasmyheart

You said that you were sorry, That you hurt me,
But your actions proved nothing at all,
If only I knew what you were doing,
But it's your mistake, You took the fall.

Don't say you love me,
First of all I dont care,
That's the way life is,
Life just isn't fair.

Don't get your friends to ask me out,
Thats just really lame.
I forgot about our past,
I'm sorry what's your name?

You think you are all that,
But to all my friends you're not,
You think you are the hot stuff,
But to me you're not even hot.

Don't come begging me back,
Don't come begging on your knees,
Is that all that you can do or say,
Come on give me a break Please!

Your words didnt prove a thing,
I'm walking away with a smile,
Dont't even think about calling me,
Don't waste your time, hold that dial.

If you think I'm going to forgive you,
Then boy you are wrong,
There is no more of us,
There is no more of our song.

Don't say you love me,
Don't say you want me, Don't even try.
This is all I have to say,
I'm sorry I'm over you, I'm sorry and goodbye.