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You're my addiction

by kevin Boundy AKA the ghost

I guess we weren't really right
I guess it wasn't meant to be
You had me so blind to the facts
That I can barely see

All the seconds I wasted with you
I wish I could have them back
My soul is as blank as your mind
My heart rate is off the beaten track

I can feel an anxiety attack
Coming on faster then the speed of light
I better calm down
Before my soul ignites

Your lips are like morphine
Knocks me out whenever they touch me
Then you turn right around
And your words just crush me

I'm sick of your control over me
Need to stop with this spell
One moment I'm in heaven
Then the next I'm in hell

You need to stop messing with me
And just make up your mind
You're basically a mix
Of love and pain combined

That incredible high you give me
No drug can take its place
Its a high that takes effect
When ever I see your face

I wish I could leave just walk away
But you know it to be true
I cant get enough of you
You're the drug I'm addicted to