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Dancing on Clouds

by Karl Wild GG23

Tonight I danced under the stars with you,
Holding you tight, your body against mine,
I've never before felt a love so warm, so true,
The stars may twinkle baby, but you shine.

As we move our feet never touch the ground,
For your an Angel and you dance on clouds,
Our hearts beat as one, it's the only sound,
Take my hand, as we walk through crowds.

Slowly your head turns, soon lips touch lips,
In this moment in heaven, Surely I would die,
You take a step back, My hands on your hips,
Only your love could ever bring me this high.

You light up my life, you light up the world,
A million spotlights don't compare to your smile,
I want you to know, that I love you Baby Girl,
You've made the hardest times, so worthwhile.

As we dance on clouds, night begins to fade,
Your fingertips slowly begin to slip from mine,
I once again thank god for the Angel he made,
As in my eyes, Forever and always, you'll shine.