Read Love Poems


by lawrence

Thinking of you
My thoughts go astray
Man becoming child once more
This tender heart out to play

In the playground of emotions
The thrills and spills of love
Climbing up for that ultimate ride
To slide from up above

Along came the lovely you
Holding out your hands
The touch of your skin so gentle
Forgot my face in the sand

Running around the playground all day
With you on my back
Feeling you so close to me
Not letting go till my back crack

Holding on to the scents of you
Almost forgot to breath
Your warm breath gently caress my face
How I long to steal a kiss

We talk of fields of daisies
Butterflies abound
Yet all I hear is your tender voice
That soothing melodic sound

Looking into your angelic eyes
I'm lost in love at sea
But then I saw reflections of the playground
With no one else but me

It's all a fantasy this child has dreamt
Of the girl that he adore
Alone in the playground once again
Face in the sand once more