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Sight Unseen

by Timothy r

Collab with Ann Marie

Awaiting your next words with heart content
Feeling I can finish what you think
Our connection beyond common definition
As we love together through a shared link

Affection burns deep within my soul
Each message received kindles the flame
Hearing typewritten letters upon the screen
As loudly as if you`d spoken my name

Falling in love with your words
something not easily explained
without a face to dream with
forcing my thoughts to restrain

Touching the computer screen
Romantic text declaring your heart
Spelling out your every desire
Like a cybernetic piece of art

Imagining the look in your eyes
when at first I decreed my love
reading your mind across the miles
knowing what your heart was made of

Reading your love-filled messages
Longing to see the smile that I feel
Whether that ever happens or not
We love each other sight unseen