Read Love Poems


by Sarah Christine

A bond formed
in a heart all my own,
pieces needed mending
it was you that had them sewn.
A life that had lived
in forever a despair,
you changed my way of thinking
you showed me how to care.
Now as time gets near,
when I can look into your eyes
I am filled with tremendous fear,
dreading ever so painful goodbyes.
I am not your typical girl,
I am not a flawless diamond,
but rather a magnificent pearl.
My hair is not
the color of the sun,
nor my eyes the color of blue,
all I have is a heart inside
that would give love
ever so true.
I want to be the one you want ,
all that you desire.
I want to be the one you
love for all time,
the girl that lights your fire.
I am so afraid to feel,
yet more afraid to love.
I can only hope that this is real
cause your all that I'm thinking of.
I am starting to feel,
what I said I'd never do,
it terrifies me even more
that I am falling in-love with you.