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Still Here

by FridusBlueheaven

Title : Still Here
Written By : Fridus Blueheaven

You thought you can't go away from pain
Fears surround when all you see is rain
Well, you shouldn't have to go with your fear
Because I'm your man and I'll still be here

You might tired with your ordinary life
You surely don't know how to survive
Missing and drowned in your diamond tears
Have you forgotten that I'll always be here?

You believed in faith but don't know what to do
You have no idea when it all back to you
Have you ever thought that your luck has disappeared?
Well, please don't because I'm still here

You walked in crowd but feels like nobody all along
You thought you're right but people rate you wrong
You cried too hard and thought you won't be strong
I'm still here and I'm the one where you belong

You smiled merely like there's no sincerity
Well you could count on anyone but only me
Because, for you I'll always be here stay aside
And I'll be here just to make you feel alright