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My Loyalty to You

by MissSideways

This is a letter for a dear friend of mine:
In this letter what you'll find
found only in a best friends mind
and in its words they will behold
words of truth and words so gold
once it's read it can't be part
my words will echo in your heart

If ever you shall leave this place
I won't forget your precious face
If one day that you shall die
wait for me while in the sky
if you ever need to cry
I'll help you find the reason why
if ever you're in great despair
Don't forget, I'll still be there
if love is down and hate is high
I'll make you smile... I'll really try
if you want to run away
I'd run with you for sure, ok?
if ever you would get in strife
I'd sacrifice my very life
if you should lose your angel wings
I'll help you fly and drop my things
if you would find it hard to stand
I'm always there to hold your hand
If i would die I'd sit and wait
for you upon the golden gate
don't forget my words so true
I'll always be right here for you:)