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Well Deserved Man

by FridusBlueheaven

Title : Well Deserved Man
Written By : Fridus Blueheaven

Well deserved man,
But maybe you'll never make it through time
And you might be the one who keeps waiting in line
Without finding any clue or even a good sign
But everybody knows your heart always shine

Well deserved man,
You've tried so hard to reach all your dreams
And you know that it won't be easy as it seems
Maybe later or maybe you'll never find a way
But you know that your heart will forever stay

Well deserved man,
You keep singing the old heart of that love song
You're looking for a closing door for very long
You've fought over there, but you're not too strong
Seems you don't know where your heart belongs

Well deserved man,
You've given your little heart from the very start
Keep waiting even though the day was too hard
You promised that the love won't ever be apart
You don't even care if it's about a broken heart

Well deserved man,
You're the most deserving man to have it all
But maybe God destined you to see it all fall
You're still alone, no one return your call
And you keep living in the end of the wall

Well deserved man,
Maybe you should be looking for something new
A safer way that could bring happiness for you
A cozier place where you could hang onto
And believe me through time you'll find the truth