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Under The Radar

by FridusBlueheaven

Title : Under The Radar
Written By : Fridus Blueheaven

Under the radar, maybe no one will find
Little lonesome place that used to be mine
A place for me to flow my crystal tears
Place to hide and stay away from my fears

Under the radar, I'm sure nobody knows
A humble place that I loved for the most
Where soul is born, then to see it grows
Up and down, but seem it never shows

Under the radar, I may have gone too far
Retarded and everything's gone awkward
A narrow place, but I'm living with star
And I'm proud since I could be that part

Under the radar, thought I've waited too long
Thought I was alone, but definitely wrong
She's there and she knows where I belong
For those feelings that feel so much strong

Under the radar, here she comes in my day
White and black united, turns to the gray
She's the answer of the times I've prayed
I'm invincible, but she looked me this way