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Bucket Of Roses

by FridusBlueheaven

Title : Bucket Of Roses
Written By : Fridus Blueheaven

A bucket of roses wasted in my dream
They're beautiful and harmful as they seem
Then simply the thorn hurt both my hands
I've tried to be good, but still that I can't

A bucket of roses, the smile of broken heart
Complete souls are there and never be apart
Once I'm hurt, I'm petrified like a stone
Red and white, that's my blood and my bone

A bucket of roses, failure of brokenhearted man
He's been trying hard, he doesn't want an end
But the faith has sealed, the roses won't ever grow
The brokenhearted man seemed too hard to let go

A bucket of roses, they live in the world of fake
The more they try and the less is what they can take
The brokenhearted man will always there to wait
And he'll never stop trying, won't be tired of it

A bucket of roses, a never ending guiltiness
Guiding lights are gone with faithless happiness
The thorns come inside the man, he's crying at once
But he'll still here, won't go anywhere just to run

A bucket of roses, she'll never have it for him
Maybe not today or maybe only in his dream
He'll always be there, place where he used to be
And the feeling inside will always be a mystery