Read Love Poems


by xXxLittleAngelxXx

Sometimes I think You want Me,
But then You prove Me wrong again.
You always break My Heart,
Just simply by being someone else's man

Sometimes I think You do Love Me,
But then I wake up from the dream.
The dream that will never be fulfilled,
My Love is like a river, without it's stream..

Sometimes when You stare at Me,
My Heart starts beating very fast..
I don't have to get used to this feeling,
Cause I know this feeling won't last.

Sometimes when you're close to Me,
I never want that moment to end.
But every time You make Me realize again,
We're nothing more than just friends..

Sometimes I know You're too good for Me,
But still I fantasize My Life next to You..
You're on My mind twenty-four seven,
A wish that won't ever come true?!