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We're over

by alexandra

Why did I forgive you?
why didn't I see?
you never meant it when you said you loved me

I was so foolish
to fall for you a second time
I don't know what was going through my mind

you swept me off my feet
you made me think things were okay
but then I was stuck with tears all day

you led me on
you held my hopes up high
and I still don't know why

you made me feel great
you made me happy
I smiled with the thought of you and me

and then you did this?
the thing you promised you wouldn't
I should've listened to my friends but I couldn't

I wanted you
I wanted us
I would've given anything for you to still have my trust

but don't worry
I know everything now
and I can't see how

I ever trusted you
how you ever thought
that you wouldn't get caught

i was so stupid
to think that you loved me
to think that you were my only need

well I'm smarter now
and I'm not going to let you do this
I'm not going to let you have one last kiss

we're over
and I'm fine
so don't feed me anymore of your lines

we're through
and I'm doing great
I'm not going to sit here and wait

so go be with her
and good luck for you two
because there will never be me and you