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The Sojourner

by FridusBlueheaven

Title : The Sojourner
Written By : Fridus Blueheaven

I'm a sojourner, from a state to state
Once or twice, I have a beautiful date
But leave it instead, maybe it's my fate
And when I'm looking back, it's too late

I'm a sojourner, in a journey to love
Looking for the one that I'm dreaming of
Lately found her, but soon she's gone
Well, I guess it's my time to move on

I'm a sojourner, I've been in place for while
To see a people and enjoy their sweetest smile
In the sea shore and once I play with the sand
One love found and suddenly it's coming to end

I'm a sojourner, carved my heart from town to town
I'm blessed inside, but it's a guilty all around
Chances are gone, then I'm looking for other way
I'm a sojourner, so I can't be forever there to stay

I'm a sojourner, I wish I could be in beautiful place
Looking for new heart and then see a different face
Maybe it's easy to find a beautiful faces to gaze
But it's hard to find a girl who made me amazed