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Searching My Dreams (collab) with End Of Eternity

by Cindy

Wandering inside my nightmares
I see your beautiful face everytime
This night doesn't seem to end
Over and over hearing your voice chime

Searching this Earth dreaming of you
Never quite being able to reach your side
Screaming your name, only silence returned
Scared and lonely since our love died

So I step to the edge one more time
Just to look below at whats gone
Every smile became a memory
Since you made me feel so alone

All I see is pain and darkness
Any happiness is beyond my reach
My hopes and dreams have crumbled
For your love my soul I beseech

Never knew, life was a game
The harder I learned to play
Tougher the rules became
Leaving me like living clay

How long must I travel alone
To be once more in your embrace
Craving the warmth Of your love
Seeing my forever on your face

Written by: End Of Eternity and Cynthia Graver
Oct 31, 2007