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Missing You

by Mary

I miss the warmth of your arms
While your protecting me from all earths harms
I miss the way you smell, I miss your smile
But when I see you the wait was worth the while

I dont know how I lived without you for so long
I think of you when ever I hear a sweet song
I miss you when im feeling blue
Cause I know I'd be happy if I was with you

I miss you when I see other people kissing
When were apart for a minute I already start missing
I miss the way you sound when you talk
I miss everything even the way you walk

I miss playing with your hair
I miss trying not to stare
I miss your eyes so brown
Who could look at you and frown?

When I look at you I smile
And want to look quite awhile
The only time I dont miss you is when your near
not over there but with me right here