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Letting go

by Rachel

How come i still love you?
since you broke my heart
i shouldn't have feelings for you.
you tore us both apart
you came into my life
and i thought that you would stay
just come to find out
your love went another girl's way
why would you break my heart
or tell me that your true
when all i ever did
was fall in love with you
you did nothing but hurt me
while i believed all of your lies
attempting to fix all that we had
I've wasted too many tries
i do not want to cry anymore
I've wasted too many tears
i thought that you had loved me
you took away all of my fears
but i guess i fell for love
in all the wrong ways
i gave you all my devotion
but you didn't even stay
i can't believe i fell for someone
who would just let me be
but then again it was my mistake
to even let you hurt me
i have learned an important lesson
that you have taught me but don't know
it was something that i needed to do
and that lesson was letting go