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Give Me Tonight

by FridusBlueheaven

Title : Give Me Tonight
Written By : Fridus Blueheaven

That I've never been so good to be your man
When you needed me, I never gave you my hand
I know I've been wrong, this is a consequence
But give me tonight, give me one more chance

That I've always suffocated your beautiful day
When you needed someone aside, I never stay
It's all getting wrong but I can't show you the way
Please give me tonight and I'll make it all okay

That I've always been in that wrong direction
And then I keep asking you about your cognition
But I'll be changed and now I'm in a big mission
Then give me tonight, I'll show you love emotion

That I've hurt you from time to time you're with me
I'm such a fool and too much messing your naivety
Done with bad situation, can't take the responsibility
Oh give me tonight because I need to make you see

That I've never given all the best that I could do
Gave you my promises but I never make them true
But what I truly feel deep in my heart, I bet you knew
So give me tonight cause this heart is all about you