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Forever I Will

by FridusBlueheaven

Title : Forever I Will
Written By : Fridus Blueheaven

Forever I'll be there waiting for your love
You're the only girl that I am dreaming of
When it's all about you I'll never had enough
Chasing for your love, you know I'll never stop

Forever I'll be the one to protect you from harm
Be your luck, I'll always there to be lucky charm
I will always there even if that you're gone too far
Always be the one who understands who you are

Forever I'll be the man who'd give you spirit of life
Protect your heart whenever you're in kindles strife
When it's dark, I'll be the one who'd give you light
When you got it wrong, I'll be the one to show what's right

Forever Itll take the risk to make you safe from danger
I'll be the one to help when everyone turns to stranger
I'll be the one to melt your heart when you're in anger
And I'll be the one who could make you feel stronger

Forever I'll give you all my life just to make you see
The man you never know, a different side of me
I'll send your heart and soul to my beautiful tranquility
And show that I can handle that great responsibility