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Time Slowly Turns (Collab with End Of Eternity)

by Cindy

Time Slowly Turns (Collab)

Each night as I sleep
Crying out your name
All my hopes and dreams
Have gone up in flames

Each day as I wake
With your memories
I shut my wet eyes
Wish you were with me

Lonely teardrops fall
Don't erase a broken heart
Or fill love's empty arms
That life has ripped apart

Colors seem to fade
In this book of life
Still searching those pages
For a reason to survive

Living in darkness
As Time slowly turns
Reaching for the light
For your touch I yearn

Faith is all that i have
Taking my final breath
Visions of your face
As i'm embraced by death

Written By: End Of Eternity and Cynthia Graver
Dec 8, 2007