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Im Finally Through With You! </3

by Christina

How could I do it again
I fell for you
and now I'm going through it
all over again

today I thought everything was
going perfect
but then I heard something that
made me want to crumble

another girl is what I heard
I thought you were done
with all your crap
but I guess I was dumb to think that

I thought you loved me
and then I found out
about her, and her, and

you asked me how many
I had heard about
and I just looked at you
and said," ONE TOO MANY!"

you started to yell at me
asking me how I would
ever believe that
and I just looked at you

why wouldn't I believe it?
it wouldn't be the first time
and it apparently wasn't your last
I just want to die

I feel worse than dirt
you made me feel like an idiot
but I'm telling you now
and I'm only saying this once

I'm through with you
and your lies
I can't deal with it
anymore, so goodbye

the sad thing is,
is that I wish you well
and soon you will realize
what you lost

and when you finally realize
what you lost
good for you
but that's not going to change my mind

I'm not sorry
I don't regret anything
me and you shared
but we wont share anything else

yes, I still love you
but it's not enough to stay
with you
you've crumbled and smashed my heart

I need to get away
and get it fixed
I've ran out of tape
to repair your damage!