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Hope within Hope

by Libby M

All I have is your photo, and with me it lays
I know your distance and I know the great pain
I miss everything about you
Your kiss, Your touch
And all that lays in between

I don’t want to let you go, nor will I know how
I want to hold you close to me, And ask God
To always have you in my home
I know you are still here, and that you think often of me
I want more and more is something you yet cannot give
To me

I swear I see your face, and your voice I hear
I try not to escape, though I have tried
I failed before, I have learned my lesson
I now know that it is you I want to call My Home
I sing to your picture, I even kiss it
I whisper words of love, no respond yet it gives me

Silence in between, no where to escape
I no longer try, I know where I want to be
Though Pain is pierced within my soul
I cannot take this pain, hold your thoughts
Darling, you didn’t cause such pain

It’s just your distance it is killing me inside
I want your picture to respond, but there lays no life
I want a respond right now, but I will say a prayer instead
I pray for God to keep you, because God knows
Just how great your presence mean to me

I ask one favor, please fail it not
Keep me always alive in your thoughts
And I will continue to pray For You
I will sing always a song
A prayer for every night
All I want is to be with you

I wish I knew what God plans are
I would then at least sleep
I wish I had you with me every day
But God said, “in distance we must remain”
I wish I knew the purpose of our meeting
I wish I knew why my heart allowed you in

It must have been the angels
That live high above by God
They wanted to witness Love
Thus why we are where we are

Love is what I have found with you
I pray to you to forever keep me
Come home soon
All awaits for you
My heart
My being
Even My soul
All I am is all I have to give...
Come Home soon....
I am here waiting for thee