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Angel Of My Night

by FridusBlueheaven

Title : Angel Of My Night
Written By : Fridus Blueheaven

Angel of my night, with the heart of gold
Came to my soul, when my days turn so cold
I was down and my lonely soul is getting old
But she'll always there, be someone to hold

Angel of my night came through the right time
Sent me a wind breeze through the hottest clime
Brought me an inspiration through the rhyme
Gave me everything, she's an infinite sublime

Angel of my night, a savior when I was in harm
I was alone and then she'd be there to be my swarm
When I was dropped, she's the one to lift my arm
Gave me power and she's my only lucky charm

Angel of my night, she's the most shining light
I believe that nobody will match her bright sight
When it's wrong, she's the one to make it right
When I was lost, she told me the way to decide

Angel of my night, she's the one who gave me bless
Fixed everything that I put in unstoppable mess
She's the only one who could treasure all my best
I was down on luck, but she won't ever love me less

Angel of my night, she's not about my property
My guiding light when it's darkness in the city
She's the perfect lady of my humble tranquility
To me, she'll always be my greatest responsibility