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Your Eyes

by FridusBlueheaven

Title : Your Eyes
Written By : Fridus Blueheaven

Your eyes still shining through my blackout heart
Still show me sincerity, right there from the start
Another blink and I can't resist the power of tear
If I could have a little more time to be here

The night is up and the moon shining so bright
But I know your eyes always have a brighter light
The right place, but I know that I should go far
And you know that I will always be your star

Your eyes are more than any eye can shine
The beauty inside are too hard to define
Blinded lights are just too hard to recline
But I must go, so I can't make them mine

Interesting moves, if I have a longer chance
And if it's all not about a stupid distance
Probably I could have more time to dance
I'm sorry if everything is just a happenstance

Blink for a second, but you made me feels like year
You're too far, but then I can feel you so damn near
But the shadows are gone, they're closely disappeared
A diamond shine, always reminds me of your beautiful tear

Your eyes, they'll always be something so special
Your eyes, they'll always be something but crucial
Blink once more, you put my life to a magical
But at last, I'm sorry for everything but superficial