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Bucket Of Flowers

by FridusBlueheaven

Title : Bucket Of Flowers
Written By : Fridus Blueheaven

A bucket of flowers waiting for an apology
They're smiling sweet, once they looked at me
In this life there will always a possibility
But the true answer will always be a mystery

A bucket of flowers looking for forgiveness
But sometimes everything may end to a mess
They want to cure the heart from madness
They can see well, but they're willing to see less

A bucket of flowers feel sorry for little lies
Little mistake sometimes too hard to recognize
A bad one has been trying to be that wise
Kindhearted one maybe there in disguise

A bucket of flowers, they're beautiful melody
Once they listen, only beautiful thing there to see
But I guess it's not me and it will never be me
I'm not good and looks like I'm just a sweet misery

A bucket of flowers will always be there to wait
Even if it's hurt, they won't lose their only faith
They believed that someday the door will open
And believed that huge mistake can be forgiven

A bucket of flowers have tried to make it alright
It's fine if it should be in the middle of the night
If it's still no, at least they've tried for it so hard
And they'll always there just to open your heart