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Wait For You

by Greg Beam

Life for me's a waiting game.
Yesterday, today the same.
But wait for you I would forever.
Hoping that we'll be together,
In the end I cannot wait.
But only God can tell our fate.

I worked so hard to win your heart.
But you had mine right from the start.
To wait for you it feels so worth it.
You're beautiful, you are so perfect.
You opened my eyes, helped me to see.
How God's great love could set me free.

Some say that I'm wasting time.
But I know one day you'll be mine.
Many roadblocks we've been through.
But one day we will say "I do."
Until that day I sit here waiting.
My love for you is never changing.

A special love you gave to me.
I sit here waiting patiently.
For you to come back to my arms.
I'll keep you safe and free of harm.
You must be sent from up above.
You showed me how it feels to love.

Until the day we're gray and old.
My heart is yours to have and hold.
You make me feel so good inside.
I'd wait for you until I die.