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More Than Yesterday

by Michelle

The emotions I have deep inside
Are growing stronger every day
Just yesterday I would have thought
There wasn't possibly any way...
That I could feel more for you
Than how I felt at that time
But I'm ecstatic, relentlessly giddy
Just knowing that you're mine
It was written in the stars
So many years ago
That you would be the one I'd share my life with
And our love will only grow...
I had come to the point in my life
Where I thought it would never be
Then God opened up the doors of fate
And brought wonderful you to me.
How can I be this happy?
After years of feeling pain
Everything in my life includes you
Even on my face a drop of rain...
When I hear the Beatles play
I smile to myself secretly
And when I call you to let you know
I feel somehow you're there with me
Incessant thoughts of love and desire
Linger in my head and heart
Sometimes it's so hard to bear
The moments we're apart...
But like we've both said darling,
It won't always be this way...
I just wanted to reaffirm to you
That I love you more now than yesterday.