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My Best Friend

by AmberSherrellxxIve Been Sitting Here Trying To Find Myselfxx

In his hands
He holds my heart
With the power to heal
But will it fall apart?

I know he loves me
I know it's true
There's everything to gain
But everything to lose

For better or worse
We'll stay together
There's nobody else
Always & forever

So maybe there are bruises
So maybe there are tears
So maybe there are heartaches
So maybe there are fears

None of it matters
I'm here to stay
I know he's not the same
But memories don't fade

Bruises on my heart
Scars on my skin
I know I should forgive him
For everyone sins

I don't know if I can trust him
Are his words sincere?
I don't want to spend my nights
Shaking in pure fear

Other peoples mistakes
I seem to blame on him
I'm ready to fight
At the slightest whim

Tears in my eyes
Fighting not to fall
I don't want to lose him
For I would lose it all

He's my very breath
The reason I'm alive
If I ever lose him
I know for sure I'll die

My bad habit has stopped
But the scars still remain
His gorgeous green eyes
Are all that keeps me sane

Razor blades no longer
My blood no longer drops
He's the only reason
My heart hasn't stopped

He's my saving angel
Until the very end
He's not only my lover
He's my best friend