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Dreaming in Heaven

by Just Lisa

When I'm dreaming, I'm in a whole new place,
And if you need to find me thats were I'll be.
I like to dream allot and have my own space,
Because thats who I am as you can see.

A dream is a wish waiting to come true,
And you never know what kind of dream its going to be,
But when I dream of you,
Its the best kind of dream that I barely ever see.

When I go to sleep at night,
I ask God to make my day bright.
And I know that he'll help me through,
Because he knows that I only want to dream of you.

In my dreams there's no good or bad,
And no one to point out my mistakes.
So that way, in my dreams, I'm never sad,
Because I can relax and ease all my pains and aches.

In my dreams, people can fly
When its raining gumdrops in the sky.
In my dreams, you never have to cry,
Because, in my dreams, people never die.

The good dreams, I never want to forget,
Because when I'm with you,
Those are the dreams I'll never have to regret,
Because nothing else matters as long as I'm with you.

But because I am so far away,
I can only talk to you in our dreams.
But sometimes its not as bad as it seems,
Because I'll always be there to lead your way.

A dream is a wish waiting to come true,
Its that special wish sent from heaven,
The one's that I always send to you,
From a place far far away, a place called heaven.