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Strike One

by LiL One

How can I trust you?
After all the things she said.
I didn't wanna believe it,
so I listened to you instead.

You said it wasn't true,
and that she was lying.
Making up false rumors,
she just wanted to see me crying.

She said you two were close,
and you had been talkin for awhile.
That you said I was just a good friend,
and that you liked me style.

I know shes no good,
you don't have to remind me twice,
it's just the way she said stuff,
everything was so precise.

Like how she was at the theatre,
when you slipped out the back door,
I hope you don't think I'm stupid,
and I'm not putting up with this anymore.

Yes, I really like you,
and Yes, I wanna stay.
But how can I sacrifice my heart,
and just be led astray?

Don't think I'm being selfish,
I have to think for myself first,
my emotions are not for play,
I just don't want to end this with the worst.

This will be hard,
but Im goin to hold on.
give you one more chance,
after that, I'm gone.